Hypnotherapy live online?

I got an e-mail asking why I do not provide hypnotherapy over skype?

To be honest I have tried it, I had some volunteers and did a few sessions of hypnosis over skype a few years ago.

It was in general a problematic experience for both me and the client.

A very important consideration was the inability to control the clients environment, instances of people visiting delivering parcels or phone calls could disrupt the session and not forgetting the quality of the client’s equipment, good quality head phones and a comfortable chair seemed to affect the ability to induce a trance state or deep relaxation, as most people at the time seemed to spend the minimum required on a headset and chair.

Also problems with back ground programs like antivirus programs starting up and disrupting the service due to no keyboard or mouse clicks from the client could also be a problem after some time of no interaction.

So yes it does work but as far as charging a fee for hypnosis delivered over the internet live, I can’t provide it as an online service as yet, not without the possibility of upsetting clients and possibly giving them a unsatisfactory experience.

I’M not saying it won’t happen and there are therapists providing that service right now, but at this time for me it’s not an option I feel comfortable doing for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy live online?”

    1. Some therapists do do it online, just because I don’t provide hypnotherapy live over the internet does not mean it will not work, it is just my opinion from my experience.

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