How do we cure depression naturally?

How do we cure depression naturally?

Well it seems that just by taking food supplements or natural remedies
and keeping fit people can cure depression, or so some websites and products claim, I do believe that this can help some people who suffer with depression in some instances, but just to claim it cures depression makes me think this is wrong, it must be just another cure-all advertisement, to make money based on dodgy ideas or unfounded research for pulling in the cash from desperate people.

And what type of depression are they talking about, Major depression or Dysthymia for instance? not all depression is the same.
What makes me sad is that some people suffering with depression will try
anything to find a cure or find release from the suffering they have
come to understand as depression. unfortunately big claims are not always what they seem but are in fact just a marketing ploys to part you from your cash.

In some cases natural remedies  could possibly provide some limited help, as will eating a good varied diet and exercise, depression can be a complex and a very personal experience and not to be confused with feeling a bit down or upset. If we could cure depression with such simple practices we would have no people suffering with depression, a cure is just that, like how medicine can CURE some diseases and infections.

Well the unfortunate truth is we cannot cure depression just by using drugs or supplements, normally drugs like antidepressants can help in the short term or when combined with counselling or psychotherapy, but supplements on their own are not going to provide any benefit if you eat well.

If your interested in using supplements or natural remedies remember
that even if they can help reduce symptoms or help in other ways, remember what are called natural remedies can actually behave just like drugs and can come with side affects, so remember to check with your Doctor, because even a natural remedy can interact with any medication your taking at the time and lead to some serious consequences.

Eating well and regular exercise is always good for you and worth trying as it will have a positive result in one way or another.


What have you found helpful for your depression?