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Hypnotherapy live online?

I got an e-mail asking why I do not provide hypnotherapy over skype? To be honest I have tried it, I had some volunteers and did a few sessions of hypnosis over skype a few years ago. It was in general a problematic experience for both me and the client. A very important consideration was the inability to control the clients environment, instances of people visiting delivering parcels or phone

Another new year’s resolution? two common reason why it can fail.

Just a quick thought on new years eve resolutions and how online therapy can help support you to do what you need or want to achieve in the new year. New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, and this time of year has diverse meanings for people, some see it as a positive new start or opportunity and look at the new year with hope, others live in fear of

Dreading Christmas, not coping with Christmass.

Dreading Christmas? Not everyone likes this time of the festive year, what for some is an enjoyable close family occasion can be a time of misery and obligation for others with family arguments and resentments to look forward to. I just put up a new web page offering a fresh look at dealing with this time of year if you want to make some changes, not the usual tips but

Welcome to Online Therapy Service

Welcome to this therapy service news updates and information blog. I hope to add some content over the weekend, just working out the settings and adjusting the look and feel of the blog in between my other commitments and a coping with a Cold Everything has to have a starting point Online Therapy Website