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lose weight effectively

  How you can lose weight effectively. Why you eat can be more important that what you eat Many people struggle with the constant battle with their weight, trying to lose weight effectively and reduce body mass and feel fitter and enjoy more energy¬† is a goal many cannot seem to realise, but there is often an unseen unknown reason why they fail. Have you ever kept a food diary?

Need support with a relationship brake up or divorce

Going through a relationship brake up or trying to struggle with a divorce? It can feel like the end of your world, the emotions involved can be overwhelming and feel impossible to handle, everything from anger and rage to despair rejection and embarrassment, all valid emotions people feel in such hurtful life changing experiences. Friends and family are an important support network usually offering love care and concern, I say

Hypnotherapy live online?

I got an e-mail asking why I do not provide hypnotherapy over skype? To be honest I have tried it, I had some volunteers and did a few sessions of hypnosis over skype a few years ago. It was in general a problematic experience for both me and the client. A very important consideration was the inability to control the clients environment, instances of people visiting delivering parcels or phone

Can you change who you are by using online therapy?

If I said the way you think and feel about yourself can either help you see the possibilities and choices you have, giving you a sense of direction and control in life, or actually by restricting your ability to see the options you have leaving you struggling to find a way to hold on to your autonomy. If someone feels helpless to change their situation or circumstances they can become