lose weight effectively


How you can lose weight effectively.

Why you eat can be more important that what you eat

Many people struggle with the constant battle with their weight, trying to lose weight effectively and reduce body mass and feel fitter and enjoy more energy  is a goal many cannot seem to realise, but there is often an unseen unknown reason why they fail.

Have you ever kept a food diary?

When people write down everything they eat it can be surprising and often some find it very scary to do, in fact some find it very emotionally uncomfortable to do, but it can help you to lose weight effectively

Bad memory or emotional convenience

Most people do not remember everything they eat over a period of time, and you can argue that our memories can conveniently forget what make us uncomfortable.

People who are asked how many cigarettes they smoke will usually lie and give a lower figure rather than face the reality or embarrassment they feel, and it is sometimes the same with food.

People will complain that they can’t seem to lose weight even when they are on a diet secretly knowing they do eat to much, do you know someone like that?

Finding it hard to lose weight?

Recording everything you eat for 14 days can help you understand your eating habits, you must be honest with yourself for it to work, yes it can be scary to do, but remember that the information is not used to punish yourself, but to help you understand what is going on.

If the mountain is too steep to climb, try going around

If you can’t do it, then you may need to rethink your next move to lose weight effectively,¬† or stay as you are, the choice is yours.

When we eat and why we eat is a complex area and using therapy to help identify the emotional food triggers can help people to renegotiate their thinking and change the emotional responses around food, I won’t lie, it can be difficult to do, but it is possible to find success as many of my clients have.

One common emotional problem stopping people having a healthy relationship with food is low self-esteem and sometimes learned behaviour also plays its part, did your parents always give you sweets or other food to stop you from crying if you were hurt or upset, or to give you something to eat so you stopped annoying them?

Having therapy can sometimes lead to some surprising discoveries and even change peoples lives, are you worth investing in?

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