Need support with a relationship brake up or divorce

Going through a relationship brake up or trying to struggle with a divorce?
It can feel like the end of your world, the emotions involved can be overwhelming and feel impossible to handle, everything from anger and rage to despair rejection and embarrassment, all valid emotions people feel in such hurtful life changing experiences.

Friends and family are an important support network usually offering love care and concern, I say usually because unfortunately some people do not have supportive family’s, sad but true.

In such time being on your own can be a good thing, allowing some time away to heal can be very helpful, shutting the door and having a good cry is what many people do, a bit of me time to feel sad in a safe place is often very helpful now and then.

Some times people going through such traumatic life changes can feel isolated or don’t want to overburden their friends to much so keep some distance, this can leave people to feel lonely and isolated, not a good place to be in such painful times.

Healing takes time, and how fast you will heal will depend on the feelings and emotions involved, the way it ended and the situation that is left for you to cope with, there may be children to consider or there may have to be ongoing contact for other reasons.

This is where online therapy can be very helpful, you can talk in confidence without feeling you are overburdening anyone, express your feelings and thoughts in a safe space, I know talking does help