How online therapy can help with your depression

Can online therapy help your depression

Online therapy helping depression

First, I am going to set out some conditions that must be met for any online therapy to be successful. The person with depression seeking help needs to be able to feel at ease talking to people over the internet, either just using their voice with a microphone or visually and verbally communicating with video. Not everyone feels comfortable interacting with online, some people need traditional face to face sessions to feel connected to the therapist.

So, in my opinion trying to have online therapy for depression when the experience adds extra stress and anxiety, or the person feels very exposed and uncomfortable using video is not probably going to be helpful. It’s not suitable for everyone and you do need to keep that in mind if you are thinking of having therapy for your depression online.

That’s why I offer a free session so you can find out if it will work for you before you make any financial commitment.

Having therapy for your depression

Putting that aside if you are happy to interact online using video, or just using your voice, this way of having therapy for your depression can be advantageous in a number of ways. Some people find that being able to remain at home helps them feel less anxious when they are in a familiar environment they understand and know well. When people have depression, the very effort involved in going out and catching a bus or driving can be overwhelming, but staying at home removes that stress.

I find that the more comfortable people feel the more able they are to talk about their thoughts and feelings. In so doing they are more able to engage in the therapeutic process and progress becomes easier.

Can online therapy help you recover faster?

If there are topics that come up in therapy that are make people feel embarrassed or ashamed in some way, they can always stop the video and just use the microphone. It’s surprising how much easier some people find talking about certain subjects while they can’t be seen. Doing so can considerably lower their anxiety allowing them to talk more openly and expressively, this can be very helpful when trying to uncover the reasons the depression is manifesting itself.

Having online therapy for depression can be helpful and remove some of the obstacles some people have to contend with in regards to being able to talk about themselves. It’s not providing absolute certainty of successful progress, but in my experience it can be very beneficial for the right people.

There is more about online therapy here.

Could using this kind of therapeutic experience help your depression?

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