Just a short explanation of hypnosis and hypnotherapy

We all enter into different levels of hypnosis every day, have you ever lost track of the time while reading or found you’re self so preoccupied with a book. a film may become so interesting that you paid no attention to what’s going on around you, well that is experiencing a state of hypnosis, and it has nothing to do with sleeping but is actively concentrating on thoughts or feelings. When in hypnosis we are in fact totally awake but very relaxed. People who enter hypnosis all have different and personal experiences unique to them. To some it may seem as if they are just that very relaxed, for others a very deep level of awareness can be achieved or a very that the world around you became unimportant and distant. This altered state can only be achieved if the you agree to enter into the hypnotic state, it is nothing to do with mind control, and if you do not wish to be hypnotized then you cannot be hypnotized. Some people find it hard to enter into the hypnotic state, this is normally because of fear or issues with feelings around needing to feel in control. What is the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis?


If you think of Hypnotherapy as hypnosis combined with psychotherapy, it’s the psychotherapy used within the hypnotic state that allows for the possibility for change and where the real work is accomplished, induced hypnosis on it’s own does nothing more than relax you. A person trained as stage hypnosis does not possess the knowledge needed to practice hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is based on psychotherapy and how therapeutic intervention works with the subconscious to influence the conscious, and has been helpful to many people who wish to change the way they live life. Some people want Hypnotherapy to do all the work for them without doing any work themselves, unfortunately you must want that change to happen. Think of it this way if you can’t use hypnosis to make you do something without their consent then how can hypnosis help you if you Don't really want to change. I am often asked if hypnosis can change the way people think and act without their consent, this idea comes mainly from stage hypnosis, where people seem to be under the control of the hypnotist and have no choice. If you remember one important fact, all these people have volunteered to join in the fun. They have chosen to join in of their own free will, so in effect they have agreed to become a spectacle for others to be entertained, they become compliant and will for the sake of the show do and say silly things or act out fantastic suggestions. Hypnotherapy has become widely used for such problems as addictions like smoking and alcohol and stress and anxiety related issues, from phobias like spiders and social phobias. It can help with sexual problems and pain management as well as negative thinking and positive cognitive conditioning.
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