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People are not just a collection of symptoms

Adrian Yates

Online Therapist

Online Therapist Adrian

welcome to my website My name is Adrian, I am a professional self-employed online therapist and have been working online full-time for over ten years.
I started working as a traditional face to face therapist providing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy with some charity organisations almost sixteen years ago. Progressed to working online from April 2011 when I founded my online therapy business and have now been in private practice fully focused online for over ten years.

 In my fifteen years as a therapist, I have helped and supported many people who were struggling to cope with everything from depression and anxiety issues, anger issues, sexual confusion, and gender issues, as well as sexual abuse and trauma-induced post-traumatic stress disorder. (PTSD) Over the years working as an online therapist I have been privileged to meet many wonderful wise people.  Seeing and supporting my clients to face difficult and distressing memories with fortitude and courage wisdom can be a humbling experience. Those clients have also helped me gain more insights into what it means to be human, I do believe that I have also learned and gained wisdom from listening and collaborating with my clients.

Experienced online therapist

In fifteen years, I have gained a lot of experience working as a therapist, and for ten of those years working as a full-time online therapist. But what does that mean about you?  The knowledge I have gained over the years working as a therapist needs to be understood in context. You, like everyone else, are unique individuals, and every experienced therapist who has gained knowledge over the years from other people’s therapy interactions needs to use that experience with great care.

It needs to be appreciated for what it is, as not have any real relevance to any new client. Trying to use my experience to understand you is flawed, as it derives from information not coming directly from you and your experiences. Hence, it is nothing more than informed speculation at best; experience has its limitations.

People are not just a collection of symptoms

I understand there is much more to being a therapist than learning and qualifications, unfortunately, you can as a therapist reduce people academically to nothing more than dysfunctional behaviours and symptomatic labels. That is disrespectful to them as people and anyone’s therapeutic process, and I actively try to avoid using technical terms and labels.

People seeking therapy are not just a collection of symptoms, problems like depression or anxiety are just external manifestations of deeper often hidden emotional imbalances, and distorted thinking. Clients are complex individual human beings, with their own way of thinking and feeling, they have beliefs and complex thoughts and fears and personal needs that are to be respected in a non-judgmental and compassionate way.

How I work

The way I work does change depending on the clients’ needs, I can use elements of CBT or gestalt therapy and my approach is always backed up with honesty. I don’t just expect my clients to trust me, I understand that trust has to be earned and sometimes that takes time, so I don’t just demand information, or feel entitled to pressure people into talking about upsetting experiences just because I am a therapist, that can be both very cruel and counterproductive and in some cases abusive.

I take a soft compassionate approach while actively trying to develop their independence by allowing the client as much freedom as they want or need. This is all part of the cognizance therapeutic principle work ethic I adhere to.
This ethic demands that I provide a full free therapy session to both help the client discover if this therapy service and me are right for them, also it gives me time to see if the client is suitable for online therapy, as I have discovered in my eleven years working online, not everyone is.

 This website is built maintained othered and managed by me.

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