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Video or Voice therapy sessions

You can choose to use video and interact visually, or use voice and remain hidden from view when having the therapy session, you can find the option on the application form, and you can always change your mind later. It is always your choice.

Therapy using video

You can use video to see and be seen when having therapy online. 

Therapy with just voice

Stay hidden from view by only using the voice option and feel less exposed.

Woman using laptop for online therapy

 Online Therapy Communication Options

My clients most requested communication program, for having therapy online is Skype; people are comfortable using it and trust it for personal calls. 

The most secure option, in my opinion, is probably Signal and Vsee. Still, Skype is fine and not any real concern for most people., it is not as well protected as Signal or Vsee. Still, in my experience, the call quality is usually better with Skype. That’s not a fact, just my experience. 

If you have any security concerns, then Signal or Vsee is probably your best option.

Skype is trusted and used by millions of people worldwide. (Most Popular choice)

Vsee is a secure communication program used by all kinds of professionals therapists.

Signal communication software is considered to be the most secure.

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