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The freedom to choose

Therapy Session Options

This online therapy service tries to supply options that people find helpful and effective when in need of help and support. To that end this service offers possibilities that most other therapists do not and cannot, the Cognizance Therapeutic Principle is a way of working that promotes client equality and independence and within that Cognizance framework I am able to supply more freedom of choice.

Three choices

Normal sixty-minute session

The standard therapy session length sixty minutes long, and this has worked very well for both client and therapist for decades, this service supplies a full one hour as standard.

Longer ninety-minute session

Everyone has diverse needs, and people can receive more effective help from having a longer than normal therapy session. there can seem to be so much information to get through in a standard session that a client can become a bit frustrated with the usual one-hour session, and the extra thirty minutes of time can help.

Shorter thirty-minute session

It can be helpful to supply a reduced session lenght when clients become overwhelmed or emotionally shut down. indeed, I have clients who prefer to break up the standard session into two shorter sessions within the same week when needed, they find this flexibility to be extremely helpful.

What do you want?

If you do not want the standard session time, just ask for one of the other options, either in the first session, or at any time in future sessions. You can ask for a time extension to the standard session if you need more time or a reduction if you feel overloaded or emotionally fatigued.

choices of devices for having online counselling

Communication Options

There are a number of possibilities about how you communicate when having therapy online, there are choices you can pick when booking a therapy session with the application form.


This has always been the most popular choice for my clients and is still the most asked for option for having therapy online.

Google meet

It works well especially for people who want me to send an email invite just before the session.


This is the most secure and private choice available at this time.

Microsoft Teams

A workable choice if you use teams and feel comfortable using.


Zoom is another choice I offer after they have improved their security, this is another possibility that is available to you.

How to choose?

There are options available within the application form when you apply for the free session.

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