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Transgender is a universal term

Transgender is a universal term that refers to people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. For example, a person may identify as a woman, even though they were born male at birth. Transgender people may or may not choose to alter their bodies through hormone therapy or surgery.

Gender dysphoria is the distress a person feels because of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth. For some people, their gender identity is different from the sex they were born as, and this can cause significant distress. This distress is called gender dysphoria. People who experience gender dysphoria may feel uncomfortable with the gender-specific characteristics of their body, such as their breast tissue or facial hair, or may feel a powerful desire to be treated as a different gender.

Treatment options for gender dysphoria may include hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery, and counselling. It’s important to note that gender dysphoria is not the same as being transgender. Not all transgender people experience gender dysphoria, and not all people who experience gender dysphoria identify as transgender.

This online therapy service supports people who are looking for direction or clarity and confirmation within themselves, I help people who are dealing with the difficult challenges that can be experienced becoming who they are, not forgetting that the added online therapy flexibility of using the voice only option can help you feel less stressed.

Man or woman?

If you feel that you are uncomfortable being your birth sex of a man or woman, one thing is going to be true. This is going to change every aspect of your life and it can have some personally exceedingly difficult and challenging experiences for you to deal with. It can also eventually be an extremely rewarding and exiting time becoming who you really are. Everyone’s experience of going through the necessary adjustments and changes will be vastly different for each person, not everyone has an understanding family or loyal group of supportive friends, it can be a very hard transformation to make.

The word Transgender is often just another label to many people who do not understand the implications behind such a complicated and what can be a very challenging transformation, it is about a human being who is trying to achieve a totally new way of living that allows them to accept and respect who they really are, they are trying to realise their true self and to do that they need to convert into a new gender role within society, this can be a very difficult and long personal journey of discovery, it will effect not just their lives but also the lives of everyone they know.

Many people are confused by the gender

Many people are confused by the gender identity of a transgender person, but it is not about sex or sexuality, and it has everything to do with self-identity, many transgender people feel as if they are trapped in the wrong body, they feel unable to be who they really are. Transgender people are the same as everyone else in that you will get a wide range of sexual differences from one person to the next, but this is about identity not sexuality

As a therapist I don’t like labelling or categorising people as it can take away their unique identity and reduce the person into nothing more than a convenient catalogued subject, even though I know that it can represent much more than just a label to someone, it can be about accepting who they are or identifying with a way of life. But, I also understand that a person’s sexuality or gender does not define every aspect of who they are, gender sex and sexuality are a big part of everyone’s personality and character, but not every man or woman would conform to someone’s stereotypical idea of what it means to be male or female, or what it is to be gay straight or bi-sexual, or any other kind of sexual concept such as being seen as A sexual for instance.

Becoming a transgender person

As a therapist it must be about accepting the person and supporting them on their journey of discovery and never telling them who you think they should be or could be. Becoming a transgender person is like being reborn into a new world where the rules are not yet understood and the persons personal limits and boundaries are still being formed, it can not only allow someone to become who they really are but also to re-evaluate the very nature of what they are.

Some people who go through the transformation and discover who they want to be not what they think they should be, a transgender man who becomes a woman and then falls in love with a female, during this emotional moment he may come to understand that he actually wants to remain as a man and stop the process of changing into a woman, the opposite could also be true and he understands that he is finally truly happy being a woman. It just shows the complexity involved, nothing is fixed nothing is known, there is only the possibility of change not the certainty of what that change will bring, the only way to uncover what your truth is will be to start the process and take a step towards discovering if what you want in life is what you understand it to be.

I do not offer just a therapy service I am also offering a supportive partnership for a journey of discovery into the unknown, trying to be a catalyst for clarity and change allowing you to discover for yourself what you want or need in life.

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