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Afordable Payments

Affordable therapy payments helping you manage the cost of having therapy and reduce your financial stress.

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Why you need the first session to be free? why you need more than fifteen minutes 

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Do you need online therapy? Why do people see an online therapist? What for? How does therapy help?

Online therapy service

Online Therapy Services is a leading counselling and psychotherapy website. When established in May 2011, this online private therapy practice was on the leading edge of the then-new age of online counselling and psychotherapy resources providing affordable online therapy over the internet.

For ten years, this service has provided professional online counselling and psychotherapy that focuses on the client’s needs, with what you could call a client-orientated approach.

Unlike some online therapy websites that seem to treat people more like cash cows than people, this therapy service treats people with respect and compassion, treating people like adults, not children.

This service treats people in accordance with the cognizance therapeutic principle. This is a way of working developed as an online therapist that underpins the culture of mutual respect and equality. 

A free online therapy session

Not a fifteen- or twenty-minute chat, that by some means is disrespectfully called a session, but a full session lasting up to sixty minutes.

Many counsellors or psychotherapists keep control by pushing you into a no-win situation, pressurising you to make a choice in only fifteen or twenty minutes, how can you find out if you are compatible in that short time? 

By the time any questions are asked by the online therapist and answered, your times is up. Here you are seen as an important individual, to be respected and treated fairly, time is not seen as being wasted on you, when giving you the free time needed, it is seen as important to help you make an informed choice.

This therapy service understands that it is to everyone’s advantage that you make the best choice for yourself, even if that means saying no.


Affordable online therapy

Therapy should be available to everyone. Unfortunately, it costs money to provide online counselling and psychotherapy, but this service does provide low-cost options to help people find the support they need.

No automatic charges for missed therapy sessions.

There are several important considerations to consider as a therapist before charging a client who has missed a session. Or when the client informs the therapist at an extremely late time, they cannot attend. 

In my opinion, to automatically charge them is not just disrespectful but can be seen as intolerance and a punishment. This can be very unwise when supporting people online who are in distress or helping people who have complex emotional issues.


Help yourself to take the first step.

Examples of issues supported


 Help to recover and support dealing with the after-effects of surviving all kinds of abusive experiences.

Anxiety Issues

Practical and emotional support with all kinds of different anxiety issues from Gad to Social anxiety


A personal and tailored approach to help you tackle your depression on your terms in your time.

Stress Management

Everyone deals with stress in their own way, but it is not often the correct way and can make it worse.

Relationship Issues

Relationships are complex, and sometimes a bit of insight can go a long way towards fixing any issues.

Low Self-esteem

Problems with low self-esteem can cripple your life, and therapy can often help the issue.